Fragments mode

The Fragments mode allows to select and work with multiple musical objects of the same type. The selection types of this mode are named by the type of objects in the selected fragment:

  • Musical events
  • Bars
In the Fragments mode the app plays only selected musical events.

Musical events fragment

The Musical events fragment usually consists of one or more musical events of the single voice in the track.

Musical events fragment
Selection of the musical events of the first track

Bars fragment

The Bars fragment contains one or more bars (measures) of all tracks in the composition. If you need, for example, to remove or duplicate the whole bar and not just its notes, switch the current selection type from Musical events to Bars.

Bars fragment
Selection of the first two bars in the score
To make it easier to distinguish the Musical events fragment from the Bars one when there is only a single track in the composition the knobs in the top left and the bottom right corners of the selection area change their shape from a circle to a square, respectively.