Change the direction of stems

By default, Staventabs automatically determines the directions of stems. However, you can change the stem direction of all notes in a voice via the Instrument editor.

Let's make the stems of the notes on the bass clef staff point downwards.

Automatically determed directions of stems
  1. In the Status panel, tap the label Piano to open the Instrument editor.
    Status panel
  2. In the Instrument editor, scroll down to the Tracks section to see all its rows.
    Tracks section in the Instrument editor
  3. In the Tracks section, tap the button with the count of voices Voices button above the Voices label in the second row, which corresponds to the bass clef staff.
    Voices list of the bass track in the Instrument editor
  4. Using the Stem direction Stem direction switcher switcher, change the direction from Automatic to Downwards for the voice 1.
    The stem direction set to downwards for the voice 1 in the Instrument editor
  5. Tap Done to apply changes.
    The stems on the bass clef staff pointing down