Delete notes

There are several ways of deleting notes, such as using the Delete or Clear buttons in the Actions panel, or toggling a pitch in the Pitches panel.

Last eighth notes selected
  1. Make sure the selection is in the Fragments mode and the Actions panel is visible. Otherwise, switch to Fragments Selection mode chooser with the Fragments mode choosen in the Selection mode chooser in the toolbar.
    Selection in the Fragments mode and the visible Actions panel
  2. To remove the selected notes and their positions, tap the Delete Delete button button in the Actions panel. The selection will switch to the preceding position.
    Staff after deleting two last positions
  3. Tap the Undo Undo button button in the toolbar to undo the last action and bring the notes back.
    Last eighth notes selected
  4. Long press the round indicator Selection box round indicator in the bottom-right corner of the selection box and drag to the left until the notes only in the penultimate position are highlighted.
    Process of selecting the notes in the penultimate position
  5. Release the round indicator to finish selecting.
    Penultimate position selected
  6. In the Actions panel, tap the Clear Clear button button to clear all the notes in the selected position, preserving the space for entering new notes.
    Penultimate position cleared from notes
  7. For now, tap Undo Undo button in the toolbar.
    Penultimate position selected
  8. As we need to remove only one note and add another, we will make use of the Pitches panel. To make it visible, switch to the Input Selection mode chooser with the Input mode choosen mode by tapping on the selected area.
    Pitches panel showing B3 and D4 notes presenting on the staff
  9. In the Pitches panel, tap the highlighted B3 pitch button to delete only this note.
    B3 note removed in the penultimate position
  10. Add note F4 via the Pitches panel.
    F4 note added in the penultimate position
  11. In the toolbar, long press the Jump to Beginning Jump to beginning button in the toolbar button. The pop-up with options will be opened.
    Jump options menu
  12. Choose Jump to End to select the last position in the score.
    Last position selected