Input mode

The selection in Input mode is used for modifying the content of the single musical event, such as notes or lyrics. The selection types available in this mode are:

  • Standard
  • Staff positions
  • Tablature
  • Lyrics

Standard selection

The Standard selection allows to add notes to and remove them from the selected musical event by means of the Pitches, Percussion and Chords panels, Virtual Instruments, Musical Typing, and connected MIDI-devices. This kind of selection is available for all types of instruments.

Standard selection type
Standard selection

Staff positions

The Staff positions selection operates with a line or a space between the lines on the staff. It lets you add accidentals and natural notes to the specific staff position.

Staff positions selection type
Selected staff position on the ledger line


The Tablature selection allows you to change the fret number or notate a specific playing technique for the highlighted string.

Tablature selection type
Second string selected in the tablature


The Lyrics selection area contains the input field for editing the text associated with the current musical event. Usually this text is a short word or a syllable.

Lyrics selection type
Lyrics input field