Navigating between objects

The methods below describe how to navigate between different objects quickly.

Going forward and backward

Press Arrow Right to go to the following musical object and Arrow Left to the previous one. Depending on the current selection mode, the navigating is performed between musical events or bars.

Fast navigation to the beginning and to the end

Press Command Arrow Left or click Skip to the start in the Toolbar to jump to the beginning of the score.

Press Command Arrow Right to jump to the end of the score.

These actions select the first or the last musical object of type corresponding to the current selection mode and center on it.

Jump to the beginning or to the end can be performed during the playback. In this case they stop the playback before navigating the target object in the score.

Switching between tracks

Use Arrow Down to go to the next track and Arrow Up to go to the previous track. These operations are available for the Standard and Musical events selection.