Changing bounds of selection

The selected area can be increased or reduced using different methods.


The easiest way to start changing the bounds of the selection area is to right click and hold its left or right edge. Thus, the vertical handles appear. Without releasing the mouse button, drag the currently active handle to the required direction to increase or reduce the selected fragment.

Dragging the selection’s left or right edge always switches to the Fragments mode.
Selecting musical events
Selecting multiple musical events
Selecting bars
Increasing the Bars fragment


The alternative approach to select multiple objects is to press the Shift key and click on the object to which you want to expand the selected area. The selection decreases or increases relative to the leftmost selected object.

Selecting with Shift-click
Increasing and then decreasing the selection with Shift-click

Keyboard shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts below allow to quickly increase or decrease the selection. All these actions switch the selection to the Fragments mode.

  • To select the all bars in the composition use the Command A shortcut.
  • To select all musical events in the current track use Shift Command Arrow Right .
  • To select a single musical event use Option / Alt Shift Command Arrow Down .
  • To select a single bar use Option / Alt Shift Command Arrow Up .