Choosing type of selection

You can choose the required type of selection:

  • in the Selection menu;
  • by the shortcut;
  • in the popup menu of the Selection item in the Toolbar.
Selection type popup menus
Toolbar’s Selection item with its popup menus in Input and Fragments modes
Type of selection
Selectable object
Single musical event
Command I
Staff positions
Line of space between lines
Command B
String in the tabs
Command T
Text in the input field
Command L
Musical events
One or more musical events
Shift Command Arrow Down
One or more bars
Shift Command Arrow Up

Besides, changing the type of selection can be performed by interacting with the selected zone itself.

  • Single click on the area of the Standard selection or double click on the Tablature, Staff positions or Lyrics selection to change selection type to Musical events.
  • Single click on the selected fragment of Musical events to switch to the previously chosen Input mode’s selection type.
  • Long press the left or right edge of the selected area in the Input mode to initiate changing bounds of selection and to start working with the Musical events fragment.
  • Double click somewhere inside the Bars fragment to select the musical event clicked on.
  • Long press the top or bottom edge of the selected area in the Fragments mode and pull it up or down to choose what type of objects to select, Musical events or Bars.
If in the Fragments mode the bars are selected, for switching to the selection type previously used in the Input mode double click on the required musical event at first, and then click it again to activate the Input mode.