There are several options for zooming into areas of your score. You can zoom in or out using a mouse wheel, keyboard shortcuts, multitouch gesture or menu with zoom scales.

Mouse wheel

One of the basic techniques for zooming is to press Command and scroll the mouse wheel up or down. This method is quite convenient because the zoom is performed relative to the position of the mouse cursor. It allows you not to lose sight of the objects with which you are working at the moment.

Zooming with mouse wheel
Using mouse to zoom

Zoom scales menu

It is possible to choose the concrete scale for zooming from the list in the popup menu accessible in the Toolbar.

Zoom scales menu
Pop up menu with the list of default zoom scales

Keyboard shortcuts

You can use Command = + to zoom in and Command - _ to zoom out. These keyboard shortcuts change the current scale to the nearest one from the default zoom scales list in the zoom scales menu, higher and lower respectively.

To set the scale to 100% and see the score in its actual size press Command 0 .

Trackpad gesture

When using a trackpad with the multitouch support, pinch with two fingers to zoom in or out.

Trackpad pinch gesture
Trackpad gesture: pinch