Stave'n'Tabs Release 5.0.1

Fixes and stability improvements • iOS

Stave'n'Tabs 5.0.1: Fixes and stability improvements

What's New in Version 5.0.1:

  • The pop-up menu for adding dots is again available now by the second tap on the selected note value button
  • Added option for displaying a switch control in the status panel for choosing notes input mode for virtual instruments and MIDI devices
  • Added setting for connecting or disconnecting external MIDI devices using Bonjour services
  • Improved import of MusicXML files
  • Fixed issues with entering lyrics
  • Restored functionality of the multitouch in the virtual piano
  • Fixed an issue where file manager showed extra items located outside of the current folder
  • Fixed copying and pasting between files
  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements