Chords by Stave'n'Tabs Release 1.0

Chords by Stave'n'Tabs • Android

Chords by Stave'n'Tabs for Android

Brand new app from Stave'n'Tabs Team is available now on Google Play.

Chords is a lightweight and elegant application for learning chords and searching chord diagrams.

Version 1.0 basic features:

  • Intuitive Chord editor with basic parameters of your chord.
  • Dynamical generation of Alternative diagrams list with different fingers placements.
  • Wide range of Chord types with more than 50 items grouped by forms (Triad, Added tone, Power, or Seventh) and colored by qualities (Major, Minor, Augmented, Dominant).
  • Root note chooser with information about contained notes.
  • Selectable list with Bass notes and Inversions allowed for the current chord.

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