Stave'n'Tabs 5 Open Beta Test

Stave'n'Tabs 5 Open Beta Test

Dear users of the Stave'n'Tabs,

We are glad to let you know that after many months of hard work the development of the 5th version of Stave'n'Tabs for iOS just went into its final phase, and we would like to invite you to join its Open Beta Test, which is going to run for next weeks.

Many aspects of the application were reworked. We hope the brand-new interface of the project workspace, updated visual appearance and multiple improvements in the code base will make working with your scores and creating new music even more intuitive and enjoyable.

If you want to participate in testing install the latest beta version via this TestFlight link: You will not be charged for any In-App Purchases in the beta version of the app.

We would love to hear your feedbacks. Feel free to comment right here or send us email to All your suggestions, ideas or problem reports will be taken into account and help us to improve the stability of the app and make the release date closer. Most active testers provided useful feedbacks will be given promo codes for In-App Purchases in the production version of the Stave'n'Tabs.

Thank you all in advance!

Yours, Stave'n'Tabs team

⚠️ Note before installing beta version ⚠️

Though the beta version is mostly stable and your existing files should not be damaged, we still highly recommend to backup your musical files stored in the Stave'n'Tabs to a computer, e.g. using iTunes Sharing or AirDrop, before installing or update the application to version from the TestFlight.

What new features can I test?

  • New user interface of the project workspace
    • Toolbar with improved buttons for better controlling of the working process
    • System of Environments for editing a project in different manners: Score editor, Tracks navigator and Piano Roll
    • More compact interface elements and collapsible side panels for leaving more space for your music sheet
    • Properties panel with submenus for faster access to editing options
    • Advanced property editors available from the bottom button in each property submenu provides more sophisticated setup of clefs, tempos, time signatures, and other properties
    • Actions panel contains new pasting actions and submenus with transformations
    • Navigation panel with more intuitive features for creating new bars or musical events before or after the current position
    • Added status panel with actual information about the selected objects in the score
    • Cleaner design of buttons and other interface elements
  • Selection area with draggable borders and knobs
  • Navigation between strings and per-string editing of a tablature via the Frets Numpad in the Tablature input type
  • Improved input of lyrics with fast-access copy and paste buttons in the Lyrics panel
  • New convenient gestures for interaction with a score
    • Two-fingers tap for switching between Input and Fragment selection modes
    • Two-fingers horizontal swipe for undo and redo actions
    • Two-fingers vertical swipe for switching between input types, e.g. 'Pitches' or 'Tablature', in the Input mode, and selecting bars or musical events in the Fragment mode
    • Hold-and-drag for reallocating the selected fragment in the composition
    • Long press over the selection's horizontal edges for switching between Bars and Musical Events scopes in the Fragment mode
    • Long press over the selection's vertical edges for expanding or reducing the selected area
  • Support for Multiple Windows in iPad
  • Customizable appearance with themes, custom accent and highlight colors
  • Dark mode support for iOS 13 and higher

and much more…