Stave'n'Tabs Release 5.2

Harmonics, pedal marks and arpeggios • iOS, iPadOS, macOS

Stave'n'Tabs 5.2: Natural and artificial harmonics, pedal marks, and arpeggios

What's New in Version 5.2:

  • Added the tool for making natural and artificial harmonics with an ability to choose a harmonic mode and a fret number of harmonic node
  • Added support for pedal marks indicating sustain, soft (una corda) and sostenuto pedals, simile, and retake
  • Added the feature for notating up and down arpeggios, and non-arpeggio (arpeggio bracket)
  • Added support for physical keyboards and shortcuts in the version of Stave'n'Tabs for iOS and iPadOS
  • Fixed an issue with grouping and beaming notes
  • Multiple bug fixes and stability improvements