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Stave'n'Tabs macOS Release 4.0

May 14, 2018

Stave'n'Tabs macOS 4.0: Chord Editor

Stave'n'Tabs macOS 4.0: Chord Editor

What's New in Version 4.0:

  • Adding chord symbols and chord diagrams to the score
  • Advanced Chord Editor
    • Convenient chord type selection tool
    • Changing Root note
    • Adding Bass note (inversion)
    • Diagrams selection
    • Symbol suffix editor
    • Audition of the chord
  • Chord templates storable in instrument part, which symbols and diagrams can be added to the header of the score
  • Chord Templates Board
    • Viewing current selected chord
    • Interactive chords input to the score (like via the Virtual Piano Keyboard)
    • Adding, removing and editing templates of the current instrument part
    • Showing/hiding templates in the header of the score
    • Changing scale for the proposed chord templates
  • Export to MPEG-4 AAC ¹
  • Improved audio playback
  • Unlimited number of the instrument parts per score
  • Tunings and tablature notation support added for Banjo, Dulcimer, Shamisen, Koto and Fiddle
  • Guitar PRO files support improvements
  • Bug fixes

¹ Available via in-app purchase, PRO Version