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Stave'n'Tabs macOS Release 3.1

Apr 18, 2017

Stave'n'Tabs macOS 3.1: Instrument customizing tool

Stave'n'Tabs macOS 3.1: Instrument customizing tool

What's New in Version 3.1:

  • Instruments reordering in the Tracks Board
  • Instrument customizing tool
  • Changing sounding for the instrument part
  • Adding, removing and reordering tracks of the instrument
  • Changing clef and key signatures for the whole track
  • Hiding, showing and reordering different types of staves and lyrics for the track
  • Metronome customizing in the Tracks Board
  • .snt file format improvements
  • Fix for missing soundings of some instruments
  • Interface improvements and fixes
  • Bug fixes

    To work correctly with .snt files created in this version, please, update the Stave’n’Tabs for iOS version to the 3.4.5.