Notes input

Notes input

Choose your own way of writing notes. Pitch classes based input with enharmonic equivalents always in touch let you take a fresh look at the process of entering musical scores.

Notes input in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac
Virtual instruments

Virtual instruments

Start a new score from scratch using intuitive virtual instruments. Their light design and different input modes fit perfectly for quick writing your musical ideas.

Piano Keyboard
Virtual Piano Keyboard in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac
Virtual Fretboard in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac
Advanced tools panels

Advanced tools panels

At the same time seriously powerful and incredibly easy to use, tools panels give you instantaneous access to characteristics of musical objects on the score and actions which can be done on these elements.

Properties Panel in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac
Actions Panel in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac
Keyboard usage

Keyboard usage

Musical typing feature turns any standard keyboard into musical input controller. And dozens of handy keyboard shortcuts can significantly speed up the work with your composition, not to mention writing tabs and lyrics.

Musical Typing in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac
Keyboard shortcuts


Take a deep dive into the aspects of constructing chords with sophisticated Chord Editor or simply search for chord diagrams to practice your favourite song. Using chord templates you can create a unique collection of your most-used chords.

Chord Editor
Chord Templates
Chord Editor in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac
Chord Templates in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac


Effortlessly edit tracks of non-pitched percussion instruments with Percussions pane. Writing notes for drum kits, ethnic drums, idiophones, and membranophones has never been so enjoyable.

Percussion insturments in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac
Piano Roll

Piano Roll

Open to yourself the sequencer features of the Stave'n'Tabs. Piano Roll and Drums Editor represent MIDI notes data in a track and allow to change pitch, length and timeline position of a note manually.

Piano Roll
Drums Editor
Piano Roll in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac
Drums Editor in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac


A magical and fascinating tool for recognizing and adjusting chromatic scales is built on a technology utilizing artificial neural network. This smart and fast AI utility helps you to make a composition sound perfect. Besides you can select a scale for Chord Templates and Piano Roll boards.

Scales recognizing and scale chords in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac
Playback settings

Playback settings

Easily control playback parameters for more effective practicing. Change volume level, activate looping, countdown and metronome on-the-fly. Use audio mixing features for each instrument separately in Tracks board.

Mixer in Tracks Board in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac
Musical instruments

Musical instruments

Add a part for any instrument from a wide range of musical instruments with proper clefs, notations, soundings and transpositions. Rich features of the Instrument Editor make it easy to customize an instrument part in any way you want.

Instrument Editor
Instruments in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac
Instrument Editor in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac
Files management

Files management

Composition templates allow you to create a new project in just a few clicks. Store your collection of scores in iCloud Drive to make it always up-to-date across all your iOS and macOS devices.

iCloud Drive
Templates in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac
iCloud Drive in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac


New dark appearance* of the Stave’n’Tabs makes work with the app more comfortable, and motivates you to spend more time improving your musical skills or creating new works.

Light Mode
Dark Mode
Light Mode in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac
Dark Mode in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac

* Requires macOS 10.14 Mojave or later

MIDI Devices support

MIDI Devices support

Connect your MIDI controller and start playing in Stave'n'Tabs immediately. Different convenient input modes such as real-time recording or free play are available to you.

MIDI Devices support in Stave'n'Tabs for Mac
Supported file formats

Supported file formats

Work with files in various musical formats. Open scores created in other music notation softwares. Export your files to share them with friends or colleagues.

Stave'n'Tabs project
Standard MIDI file
.mid, .midi
.xml, .musicxml
Compressed MusicXML
Guitar Pro 3-5
.gp, .gp3, .gp4, .gp5
Guitar Pro 6
Karaoke MIDI
Portable Document Format
PRO version

PRO version

Switch to PRO version which includes all future updates.
Stave’n’Tabs Pro removes all restrictions of the free version.

  • Save and export to any of supported formats*
  • Auto saving of projects
  • Editing of any imported files*
  • No watermarking
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