Most of the UI elements required for adding notes and modifying your score can be found in the sidebars of the Score Editor window. Sidebars group various control elements (such as buttons, lists, sliders, etc.) into Panes. To control which panes to display at the moment sidebar uses Tools Panel with toggleable buttons corresponding to each pane.

Panes can be of two types:

  • Palettes containing items which can be chosen like in the Note Values palette or actions which can be applied to the selection, e.g. Transformations palette;
  • Inspectors showing various parameters of the selected fragment or the whole score, e.g. Tuning inspector.

In accordance with their purposes the left sidebar is called Properties sidebar and the right one is Actions sidebar.

Actions sidebar

Actions sidebar on the right provides panes for notes input, e.g. Pitches palette or Staff Positions palette, and some buttons bound to frequent actions like Select Bar or Tie.

Actions sidebar
Elements of the Actions sidebar
  • 1 Tools panel
  • 2 Panes area
  • 3 Note Values palette (in grid view)
  • 4 Dots palette (in list view)
  • 5 Pitches palette
  • 6 List and Grid buttons
Scroll the Panes area using mouse wheel, trackpad, or dragging the scroll bar indicator to see panes outside the visible area.

Properties sidebar

Properties sidebar on the left lets you to modify various parameters of the selected elements of the score. For example, it contains Clefs, Fermatas, Dynamics panes and Tuning inspector.

Properties sidebar
Elements of the Properties sidebar
  • 1 Tools Panel
  • 2 Panes area
  • 3 Fermatas palette
  • 4 Voices inspector
  • 5 Active panes buttons
Scroll the Tools Panel using mouse wheel or trackpad to see buttons outside the visible area.