Stave'n'Tabs provides some of its useful tools and features via panes called Boards, with Tracks Board, Virtual Instruments and Piano Roll among them. Boards are located at the bottom of the Score Editor window and can be toggled using Boards Dock.

Boards on Mac
Boards area
  • 1 Boards Dock
  • 2 Tracks Board
Boards Dock - Tracks Board
Tracks Board
Lets you add or remove instrument parts, modify tracks and notations, use mixer and navigate the bars.
Boards Dock - Virtual Instruments
Virtual Instruments
Provides Virtual Piano Keyboard and Virtual Fretboard with different modes and Real-time Recording.
Boards Dock - Chord Templates
Chord Templates
Shows information about current selected chord and lets you work with Chord Templates.
Boards Dock - Piano Roll
Piano Roll
Displays the sequencer view with notes MIDI data for the selected track.
Boards Dock - Lyrics Input
Lyrics Input
Allows to add lyrics to a score.
Boards Dock - MIDI Devices
MIDI Devices
Shows connected MIDI controllers.