Staff positions

To be able to add notes by their positions right on the staff you need first to switch to the Staff PositionsInput type - Staff positions input type in the toolbar or by using Command B .

Thus the cursor starts to indicate the current staff position (line or space) to which it's possible to add or remove notes. To navigate between staff positions you can make use of a mouse or Arrow Up Arrow Down Arrow Left Arrow Right keys.

Accidentals (Staff Positions) palette is purposed for toggling natural, sharp, flat, double sharp, and double flat notes in the selected position. It is available in the Actions sidebar with the Accidentals Accidentals button button.

Accidentals palette
Accidentals (Staff Positions) palette in list view

Another option to toggle notes in the current position is pressing appropriate shortcut keys.

Natural ♮
= +
Sharp ♯
- _
Flat ♭
Natural signs are added to the staff only if it is required to cancel previous accidentals.