Create a new project

Creating a new score in the Stave'n'Tabs is available via the Projects Manager. It allows you to start with a sample file in its Library tab or one of the composition templates (e.g. Jazz Trio, SATB, or Drum solo) in the New Project section.

  1. To open Projects manager choose File > New (from the File menu at the top of your screen)
    Create new project - File> New
    File menu > New
    or click New Document in the Open file dialog.
    Create new project - New Document
    New Document in the Open file dialog
  2. Switch to the New Project tab to see the collection of the composition templates.
    Create new project - Templates
    Projects manager tab with templates
  3. Click the icon of the required template, e.g. Guitar Solo, to select it.
  4. Click Choose button or double-click the template icon to open Score Editor window for a new score based on the selected template.
    Create new project - Score Editor
    Score Editor window