While working with a project you can select various fragments of the score to modify their properties or perform actions on them. Depending on the contained score elements selection fragments can be of Musical events or Bars types.

Musical events fragment

Usually when a file is just opened the first musical event of the first voice on the first track is selected. That means that the current fragment type is Musical events and actions like copy, cut or paste are applied just to chosen musical events, not bars.

To choose another musical event tap on its area or navigate to it using arrow keys Arrow Up Arrow Down Arrow Left Arrow Right and ForwardForward button.

Clicking the Forward button or Right Arrow key creates a new musical event until the bar is filled according to its time signature. When the last musical event of the last bar is reached it creates a new bar.

To select multiple musical events long press on the selection area, wait until the border appears, not releasing the mouse button pull left or right to include additional musical events before or after the current one, and finally release the mouse button.

If you want to select all musical events in the current track click Select TrackSelect Track button or Shift Command Arrow Right .

Musical events fragments
Examples of Musical events fragments

Bars fragment

The fragments of this type contain one or more composition bars. If you want, for example, to remove or duplicate a bar (not just its selected notes) you need to switch current fragment type from Musical events to Bars first. The fastest way to do it is to click Select BarSelect Bar button or Shift Command Arrow Down .

To select multiple bars long press on the selected fragment and wait until the border appears. Then not releasing the mouse button pull the selection area to include required bars, finally release the button.

If there are more than one track in the score you can start selecting bars instead of musical events while long pressing. For this, move the cursor to the area of any other track which not includes initially selected musical events.

If you want to select all bars in a composition click Select TrackSelect Track button or Shift Command Arrow Right . If the current selected fragment is of Musical events type then you can use Command A .

Bars fragments
Examples of Bars fragments