Input types

Input types define what content (notes, lyrics or chords) is to be added to score and how it is to be entered.

Some of types have corresponding user interface elements, e.g Standard utilizes Pitches palette and Virtual instruments provides Virtual Piano Keyboard. Boards Dock and Input type buttons in the Toolbar are used to choose the required type.

Basic information about Input types is presented below.

Notes by their pitches
Input type - Standard
Staff positions
Notes by staff positions and accidentals
Input type - Staff positions
Notes to tablature by setting frets for strings
Input type - Tablature
Syllables or words of lyrics relative to musical event
Input type - Lyrics
Board - Lyrics Input
Virtual instruments
Notes played in virtual instrument
Board - Virtual Piano
Piano Roll
Drums editor
Notes to a track by MIDI data via sequencer view
Board - Piano Roll
MIDI Device
Notes recieved from connected MIDI controller
Board - MIDI Device
Chord names and diagrams with corresponding notes
Board - Chord Templates