Insert copied fragments before or after

Besides replacing the selected elements with the content of the clipboard you can insert the copied fragments before or after the current position.

These operations are available in the Fragment selection mode via Paste beforePaste Before button and Paste afterPaste After button buttons which are usually placed above the Create before and Create after buttons.

Inserting before

For example, to insert the copied musical events before some other musical event make the following steps.

  1. Select the musical events like in the Copying and pasting musical events.

    Paste before - 01
  2. Tap CopyCopy button

  3. Select the position before which to paste the elements.

    Paste before - 02
  4. Tap Paste Before button. The content is placed before the musical event from the previous step. The cursor is moved to the beginning of the inserted fragment.

    Paste before - 03

Inserting after

Applying of the Paste after button can be useful for duplicating bars.

  1. Tap Select barSelect Bar button and Select trackSelect Track button to select all bars in the score.

    Paste after - 01
  2. Copy using Copy button.

  3. Tap Paste After button to duplicate the bars.

    Paste after - 02