Delete elements

To be able to remove elements from the score select them in the Fragment mode. So DeleteRemove button and Delete barRemove Bar button buttons become available in the Actions Panel.

Deleting Musical events

  1. Select the musical events to be deleted.

    Delete Musical events - 01
  2. Tap Remove button. The bars what contained the removed musical events stay where they are.

    Delete Musical events - 02

The alternative option is applicable in the Input mode for an empty musical event if it is preceded by another musical event containing notes or a rest sign. In that case the BackwardBackward button button changes its view to Backward-Delete button and not just navigates to the previous position but also removes that empty musical event.

Original staff
Button state
Backward delete - original Selected empty musical event follows a musical event containing a note.
Backward-Delete button
Backward delete - final Removes that empty musical event and goes to the previous one.

Deleting Bars

Delete bar button is available for both musical events and bars selected fragments.

  1. Select any of the bar's musical events.

    Delete Bar - 01
  2. Tap Remove Bar button to delete the bar containing that musical event.

    Delete Bar - 02