Cut, copy and paste

The basic operations of coping, cutting and pasting are performed using corresponding CopyCopy button, CutCut button and PastePaste button buttons. They become visible in the Actions Panel when the Fragment selection mode is activated.

The clipboard stores copied or cut fragment and makes it accessible across different projects. The type of the fragment stored in the clipboard should be the same as of the selected one to make the Paste button enabled.

Note, that Paste operations replace the content of the selected fragments with the elements from the clipboard. If you are looking for the inserting of the copied objects between already existed elements, see Insert copied fragments before or after.

Copying and pasting musical events

  1. Tap the first of the musical events which you want to select.

    Paste Musical events - 01
  2. Press and Hold inside the area selected on the previous step to activate Interactive mode and then drag to choose more musical events for coping.

    Paste Musical events - 02
  3. Tap Copy button.

  4. Select the musical event to be replaced with the copied elements.

    Paste Musical events - 03
  5. Tap Paste button to replace the musical event with those ones from the clipboard.

    Paste Musical events - 04

Cyclic pasting of musical events

Cyclic pasting means that pasting of the copied musical events what are contained in the multiple bars is performed bar-by-bar with repeating the original sequence if needed. Here is a simple example clarifying that concept.

  1. Select musical events contained in the neighboring bars for replacing them with the elements copied earlier.

    Paste Musical events - 05
  2. Tap Paste button. Each of the selected musical events in these bars is replaced by the copied fragment.

    Paste Musical events - 06

Copying and pasting bars

Copying bars is a little bit different and requires some extra steps.

  1. Select any musical event of the bar you want to copy.

    Paste Bar - 01
  2. Switch to the Fragment selection mode by tapping the highlighted area.

    Paste Bar - 02
  3. Tap Select barSelect Bar button.

    Paste Bar - 03
  4. Tap Copy button.

  5. Select target bar by repeating steps 1 to 3.

    Paste Bar - 04
  6. Tap Paste button.

    Paste Bar - 05