Frets numpad

The Tablature Input type is purposed for adding notes directly to a tab. It lets you to edit fret numbers for each string via Frets numpad.

Select TablatureInput type - Tablature in the Input types popover. In the Actions Tools panel tap the String1st String button button (e.g. the 1st one) to open Frets numpad.

Using Number buttons enter the fret number for selected string. The numpad allows you to enter frets from 0 up to 32, like in a calculator. Empty fretEmpty fret button deletes note at the current string. To close Frets numpad use DoneDone button or tap again on active String button.

Frets numpad with String buttons
Frets numpad with 2nd String button active
Actions Tools panel creates the same number of String buttons as strings in the selected instrument and highlights buttons with specified frets. Button for a string which is currently modified with Frets numpad is highlighted with other color.