Tools panels

Most operations of notes input and score modification are performed via two Tools panels usually placed on the sides of the screen. The left side Properties panel is purposed primarily for modifying selected elements of a score and the right side Actions panel is for adding new notes to score and copy-paste actions.

Tools panels are context-sensitive and display different controls depending on the current input type, selection mode and kind of the selected elements.

Tools panels elements
Elements of the Tools panels
  • 1 Properties panel
  • 2 Actions panel
  • 3 Clef button
  • 4 Scrollable group of buttons
  • 5 Note Values palette
  • 6 Scroll Arrow buttons
  • 7 Pitches palette
  • 8 Clef inspector
  • 9 Dots menu

The panels can contain buttons, scrollable groups of buttons, and palettes. Palettes and groups can be scrolled by swiping or scroll arrow buttons.

Some buttons, e.g. ForwardForward button or TieTie button, perform actions directly.

Second type of buttons like ClefClefs button or FermatasFermatas button open appropriate inspectors or menus.

Besides, there are buttons which combine those two behaviors. For example, first tap on the Note ValueNote Values button button changes note value of the selected notes and the second tap on the same button shows Dots menu.

For full list of buttons and their actions, see Tools Panels buttons.

Portrait orientation on the iPhone

On the iPhone in portrait orientation the Properties panel is located at the top (under the Toolbar) whereas the Actions panel is in the bottom.

Please, note that to preserve visual consistency between different device orientations some buttons can be moved from the Properties to Actions panel and vice versa but they stay in the same part of the screen.

For example, in the landscape orientation the BackwardBackward button button is located in the Properties panel, while in the portrait orientation it is contained in the Actions panel. But in both orientations the Backward button can be found in the bottom left corner of the Score Editor.