The Toolbar is located at the top of the Score Editor screen. It includes buttons that let you to add new instruments to a score, control playback, change user interface, and open settings.

Toolbar on iPad
Toolbar on iPad
Toolbar on iPhone
Toolbar on iPhone
Toolbar - Scores button
The Scores button navigates back to the Projects manager
Toolbar - Add button
The Add button opens Instrument chooser for adding a new part to the score. On long press it removes the current instrument part.
Toolbar - Panels button
The Toggle Panels button shows or hides Properties and Actions panels
Toolbar - More button
Shows popover with Add, Remove instrument part, Toggle Panels, and Boards buttons (iPhone only)
Toolbar - Edit button
The Edit button lets you start modifying files opened for preview and select a file format for editing
Toolbar - Playback button
Playback controls - Jump to start, Play/Pause, Jump to end, Playback Settings (tempo, volume, loop, counting and metronome)
Toolbar - Undo/Redo button
Undo and Redo (Redo action is available via long press if its button is hidden)
Input type - Standard Input type - Staff positions Input type - Tablature Input type - Percussion Input type - Lyrics Input type - Piano Roll
The Input type button lets you select the method of modifying a score
Toolbar - Score Settings button
The More button opens score and editor settings