Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano is one of the virtual instruments which are available in the Boards panel at the bottom of a screen. It provides alternative methods of notes input via its Update and Insert modes, and Real-time Recording. Besides it has a Free play mode allowing to play a virtual piano without modifying a score.

Virtual Piano Keyboard
Virtual Piano Keyboard

Tap Virtual PianoBoards Dock - Virtual Piano in the Boards Dock to display piano keyboard in the Boards panel. Using Virtual Piano in UpdateVirtual Instrument - Update mode mode is similar to working with Pitches palette. Toggle keys to add or delete notes in the selected musical event.

InsertVirtual Instrument - Insert mode mode lets you to enter single or multiple notes one-by-one creating a new musical event for every next group of tapped keys.

Real-time Recording Virtual Instrument - Real-time Recording is more sophisticated option because it takes into account the durations of taps when setting duration for created notes.