Create a new project

To create a score, you first choose one of composition templates to use it as a starting point. Templates are designed for various types of scores — like solo, SATB, or Drums — and they use corresponding instruments, notations and clefs.

  1. In the Projects manager, tapProjects manager - Navigation bar - New button.
    Creation options popover
    Projects manager with creation options popover
  2. Tap Create ScoreProjects manager - Creation options popover - Create Score in the popover.
  3. Tap a template (e.g. Guitar Solo) to open it.
    Composition templates chooser
    Composition templates chooser
  4. Project is saved when you quit the app or close the Score Editor and goes back to the Projects manager by tapping ScoresToolbar - Scores button button.
    Fragment of Score Editor
    Fragment of the Score Editor with Scores button
To prevent data lose Stave'n'Tabs autosaves your project after every five actions.