Stave'n'Tabs Release 5.0.4

Bug fixes and Bluetooth MIDI devices support • iOS

Stave'n'Tabs 5.0.4: Fixes and Bluetooth MIDI support

What's New in Version 5.0.4:

  • Support for Bluetooth MIDI devices
  • Improved support for .gp and .gpx files
  • Fixed a crash when turning on/off transparency of inactive voices
  • Multiple bug fixes and stability improvements

Stave'n'Tabs macOS Release 5.0.1

Stave'n'Tabs macOS Release 5.0

Reworked design of the app with dozens of improvements • macOS

Stave'n'Tabs macOS Release 5.0: Reworked user interface with dozens of improvements

What's New in Version 5.0:

  • Refined user interface of the project workspace providing a better user experience
    • System of "Environments" for interacting with a project in different manners: Score editor, Tracks navigator and Piano Roll
    • Added many new actions in the App Menu
    • Voice switcher in the status panel
    • Toolbar expanded with controls for choosing environment and selection mode
    • Tracks chooser pop-up window with access to basic settings of instrument parts is available from the status panel
    • Properties and actions panels of the Score editor can now be undocked from sidebars and become floating and resizable
  • Reworked Instrument Editor is available by shortcut Shift+Cmd+E or by tapping on the instrument's name in the status panel
  • Features of Tuning, Voices and Chord Templates panels now can be found in corresponding sections of the Instrument Editor
  • New Chords panel in the right sidebar provides fast-access to the Chord Editor and list of the chosen chord templates
  • Augmentation, Subdivision and Diminution panels replaced the old Transformations panel
  • Scale recognition and adjusting tool is available from the right sidebar now
  • Added a separate Percussion panel for notating drums
  • Enharmonic equivalent notes can be set in the Pitches panel by tapping a right or left arrow on a pitch button, or in the pop-up menu accessible by a mouse right click on a pitch button
  • Buttons of the Pitches panel are aligned depending on the current key signature
  • Selection area in the Fragments mode enhanced with interactive borders and draggable handles
    • Press selection's left or right side edge and drag its highlighted handle horizontally to expand or reduce the selected area
    • Long press selection's top or bottom edge and drag it up or down to switch between "Bars" and "Musical Events" scopes
  • Expanding selection by arrow keys or mouse click on the score while Shift pressed
  • Hold-and-drag support for reallocating the selected fragment in the composition
  • Zoom with Cmd + scroll gesture (mouse wheel)
  • System/line breaks and page breaks in Vertical and Pages layouts
  • Setting for a fixed number of bars per system/line
  • Improved input of Lyrics on a score
  • Unified recording feature for virtual instruments, musical typing and MIDI input
  • Musical typing no more depends on the keyboard layout
  • Option for serial input of notes, e.g. via the "Pitches" or "Chords" input panels
  • Virtual piano keyboard and virtual fretboard are contained now in the floating and resizable window accessible across all document windows
  • Support for Bluetooth MIDI devices
  • Custom highlight color for the selection area in the Colors tab of Preferences
  • Customizing pitch notation system for naming notes in the interface
    • Scientific Pitch Notation with English, German or Dutch note letters nomenclature
    • Helmholtz pitch notation with Primes, English or Swedish octave naming convention
    • Fixed do solfège with scientific or franco-belgic octave numbering method
    • Integer notation of pitch classes
    • Japanese "Iroha" notes system
    • Indian Carnatic and Hindustani svaras
    • Byzantine note names
  • Improved support for .gp files
  • Enhanced aesthetics of buttons and other graphical interface elements
  • UI tweaks for macOS Big Sur
  • Added support for Apple Silicon
  • Multiple bug fixes and stability improvements