Stave'n'Tabs notation and tab editor


Simple and intelligent

A notation and tab editor, Stave'n'Tabs could become your indispensable helper in music creation. Use smart and convenient tools of Stave'n'Tabs for composing and improving scores on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Get inspired by viewing majestic classics scores or practicing good old jazz. Easily edit sheet music and tablature with user friendly interface like never before. Share your musical inspiration with groupmates through Stave'n'Tabs files.

Create music

With intuitive instrument-independent interface

  • Notes editing

    Enter notes to stave from semitones panel.

  • Tabs editing

    Edit tabs with easy-to-use numeric keypad.

  • Instruments selection

    Create up to 15 instrument parts. Choose from 16 groups of the instruments listening their preview fragments.

  • Clefs and time signatures

    Customize parameters for clefs, time signatures, note values, etc.

Practice songs

Playback the whole composition or just selected fragment

  • Metronome and volume

    Set volume level, customize metronome clicking and countdown. Change the tempo on-the-fly.

Improve compositions

Produce harmony or completely change the mood

  • Starred scales

    Use Starred scales to determine the chromatic scales most similar to the selected area. Adjust the semitones of the selected notes to the chromatic scale.

  • Highlight issues

    Track non-playable objects with Highlight issues

Manage projects

Browse your projects with convenient file manager

  • Projects management

    Organize your scores collection from a desktop computer using iCloud Drive or iTunes.

  • Projects management

    Create new projects, duplicate existing and keep them up-to-date across all your iOS devices. Listen to preview fragments of the scores directly from the files menu.

  • Projects management

    Work with SNT, MIDI MusicXML and MXL (compressed xml) files.

Share your brand-new hits

Send scores to friends in different formats

  • Sharing

    Share and open files in other applications.

  • Export MIDI and MusicXML

    Export your project as SNT, MIDI, MusicXML or MXL (compressed xml) file.

Advanced tools

Use Stave'n'Tabs even more conveniently and sophisticatedly

Available via in-app purchases

Unlimited projects
Open MusicXML and MIDI files for edit. Edit more than three projects. Export to different formats and applications.

Advanced composing
Improve your scores with full-featured Starred scales tool. Select the chromatic scale to which you want adjust the notes without limitation.

Additional instruments
Add parts for any instruments from groups, such as acoustic grand piano or electric quitar.